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Custom made interior shutters are a unique and refined design solution that can transform your home into a truly special space. The Paradise Shutters’ expert design team will show you how affordable custom interior shutters can be built for any room in your home. Our consultation, design and manufacturing process centers on you and your unique needs.

Full Length Interior Shutters

Measuring the full length of your window, this style of interior shutters provides complete, full-length window coverage, opening & closing as a unit. Our most popular product can open and close on one or two hinges like a door or as an accordion.

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Café Style Interior Shutters

This style of interior shutters take their inspiration from the aesthetics of Parisian cafes, patisseries and restaurants where shutters only cover the bottom of front windows. You can achieve the same functionality in your home, letting in light while having sufficient privacy.

Half-Solid Raised Interior Shutters

Half-solid interior shutters give you the best of two worlds. By selecting this type of shutters, you get the best of solid and louvered window shutters. The solid lower half provides privacy and security, while the upper half allows light in, according to your preferences.


Half-Solid Raised Tiered Interior Shutters

These shutters have a twist.  As full length shutters in two parts that operates independently, they have a lower solid portion that allow you privacy and security, while the upper half allows light into you your, according to your specific needs.

Kichen and Bathroom Interior Shutters

Have you remodeled your kitchen or bath only to realize that you need new window treatments too? We can customize new shutters for you to complete the new, modern look inside you home’s most popular areas.

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Tracking, Sliding or French Door Interior Shutters

Patio doors provide easy access to your outdoor areas, yet you also need privacy when those doors are not in use. Select full-length tracking or sliding shutters of shutters for French doors that let in light while protecting your privacy.

Wooden Surface

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